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22nd October 2010

4:35pm: I'm riding home in pain again baby,but that don't mean shit to you
You're currently engaged in an intimate conversation with a young groupie or two....

...It's been such a sad and windy road for me just searchin' for the truth

Well I guess I'm trying to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without ya
But in reality I'm slowly losing my mind underneath a disguise of a smile
Gradually I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
Cause I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise til I go home at night
And turn down all the lights and then I break down and cry

So what do you do when somebody you're so devoted to
Suddenly just stops loving you and it seems they haven't got a clue
Of the pain that rejection is putting you through
Do you cling to your pride and sing "I will survive"
Do you lash out and say "How dare you leave this way?"
Do you hold on in vain as they just slip away

17th September 2010

4:59pm: so i went out this friday, not something i usually do
cause u know..... friday nights = amature night....
but i like people watching so whatevz but it never fails
i see girls taking off their shoes, mad amature status.
ladies ladies now i know u just want to go somewhere
in your cute new shit. but for real, step ur game up.
your cute tiny little feet need arch support for that big fat ass
its only like an extra $10 for gel insoles & believe me its worth it
i rock heels at work all day everyday & it ain't no thing

or if you have to just get these. they're only $10 too.

quit being cheap. your feet are worth it.
please don't be that dirty bitch that catches hepatitis from walking barefoot in the street.

25th May 2010

5:52pm: so i've been wondering, if people don't wanna buy something why don't people just not buy it & keep moving? well most people do, but there seems to be a growing number of weirdos who insist on being silly trying to sell ME an excuse. yeah not to be rude but take that ish & shove it. but for some reason people feel compelled to try and feed me these 2 lame b.s. excuses all the time:

a) "I have nothing to match that" right bitch u NEVER wear all black

you're really that afraid of standing out? and are you really that afraid to express yourself? or is it that you're too lazy to dress yourself up a little bit just make you feel good about yourself, and thats OK if thats who you are.
or if you really don't like it or it's simply not your style then what's so hard about just simply saying THAT. are you trying to be nice to me? why are you worried about my feelings? and why do you think a lame excuse of yours would make me feel better about what i am doing? am i reading too much into this? lolol. anyway i would not be into selling shit if i wasn't used to hearing NO. so yeah just quit wasting my time! i LOVE b.s.ing with my customers they are all awesome. i don't like choppin it up with people who front.

b) "I dont have anybody to buy anything for" whatever, everyone got a mama.

ooooh oooh poor you! pfft. do you ever even TRY to think of anyone but yourself? you probably don't ever recognize opportunities to show the people that you love how much you care, and thats OK if thats who you are.

so i guess the rhetorical real question here is are you OK with who you are?

u win if u don't wanna buy my stuff & don't. but if u have to open ur mouth & say some dumb shit I'm gonna say some back sucka.

*side note* when i am able to be a part of that moment when someone does take advantage of a moment to do something nice for someone else it's absolutely priceless. in other words when someone sees something i am selling and wants it and someone else gets it for them as a gift or even just when someone sees something i'm selling and they think of someone else who would really like it and because my stuff is affordable they take advantage. i give the public my wholesale prices, so if you see me out at first friday or some random event, take advantage! anyway i'm just trying to say it just feels SO good to be a catalyst of gratitude in that way it keeps me doing what i do so thank you thank you thank you.

21st October 2009

10:05pm:  i dont think its bad to be paranoid about somethings......

Bottom Line: Most of us expect monogamy to be a normal part of marriage or any committed relationship. The reality is that monogamy is not the norm.


suspicious much??

(The following myths and facts are based on research done by Dr. Shirley Glass, Ph. D.) 


Myth: Affairs happen in unhappy or unloving marriages.

Fact: Affairs can happen in good marriages. Affairs are less about love and more about sliding across boundaries.


Myth: Affairs occur mostly because of sexual attraction.

Fact: The lure of an affair is how the unfaithful partner is mirrored back through the adoring eyes of the new love. Another appeal is that individuals experience new roles and opportunities for growth in new relationships.


Myth: A cheating spouse almost always leaves clues, so a naïve spouse must be burying his or her head in the sand.

Fact: The majority of affairs are never detected. Some individuals can successfully compartmentalize their lives or are such brilliant liars that their partner never finds out.


Myth: A person having an affair shows less interest in sex at home.

Fact: The enticement of an affair can increase passion at home and make sex even more interesting.


Myth: The person having an affair isn’t “getting enough” at home.

Fact: The truth is that the unfaithful partner may not be giving enough. In fact, the spouse who gives too little is at a greater risk than the spouse who gives too much because he or she is less invested.


Myth: A straying partner finds fault with everything you do.

Fact: He or she may in fact become Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful in order to escape detection. Most likely, he or she will be alternately critical and devoted.


Surprisingly the infidelity we must contend with in this day and age is of a new sort, and as long as we believe affairs are about a 3rd party being sexier or prettier or nicer than the spouse, we are not only vulnerable to affairs, we have potential to further injure devastated friends or family members dealing with this horrific blow to their marriage


Affairs require secrecy, deception and lies in order to thrive. By playing a part in ending the “code of silence” we believe we can play a part in diminishing the growth of extramarital affairs in our society, and the pain experienced by those on all ends of affairs including the innocent children.

We want to inspire people. If an affair has taken place, you cannot go back and undo it. As Solomon said, “It is water under the bridge … what is wronged cannot be righted.”So what of your future if you’ve once been betrayed? Will you allow the pain to destroy you? Will it crush you forever? Will the rest of your life be inundated with bitterness? Or are you going to rise up, fight for yourself, fight for your marriage - if you want to, and no matter what your spouse chooses to do, heal yourself. Find meaning through all the pain, and allow it to be your catalyst to spur you on to a better, stronger, happier, and more fulfilled you. And if your spouse is willing to do the work, spur you on to a marriage beyond what you had imagined possible before. If we can do it, so can you.


An affair is anytime you take emotional or physical intimacy that belongs to your spouse and give it to someone else. There does not need to be sexual intercourse for an affair to have taken place. And in case you’re in any doubt, oral sex is sex. 


Marital affairs researcher, Shirley Glass, author of “Not Just Friends,” tells us that the word “just” does not belong in front of the word “friends.” The fact that someone would feel a need to put “just” in front of “friends” indicates that the relationship is inappropriate, even if the affair has not yet crossed physical boundaries.


If your spouse merely has some of the signs of infidelity such as being distant, working late, or becoming critical, they may not necessarily be having an affair. There could be other explanations for such changes in behavior.


But if your spouse is spending hours secretly texting someone else, that is at least an emotional infidelity.


If your spouse is sending photos of their genitals to someone else that is definitely an affair. 

(And there is a high likelihood physical sex has also occurred.)

If your spouse is telling another woman “I love you” and exchanging emails, insisting you should no longer come to the office, and you have other proof, adding in his defensiveness and insistence that you should trust him, you don’t have to be in doubt. He’s having an affair.


Those who cheat are notorious liars. They come up with the most amazing explanations to explain their behavior, and leave the innocent spouse feeling like it’s their fault and/or that they are losing their mind.


You are not losing your mind.


Listen to your gut instinct, that still small voice inside of you, your intuition. It’s not lying to you.

How do I get my husband to confess his affair? How can I get my wife to admit to this affair?

There are many things to consider when confronting an affair.

Is this the right time?

If you want to maximize the chances of healing your marriage, you want to consider your timing for a confrontation carefully. Most importantly are you ready for the truth? What will you do with the information once you hear the truth? Can you handle it in the best possible way? Are you strong enough?

Secondly does the timing seem right for your spouse?

No one can tell you not to confront the affair, and if you feel that you cannot live another day without getting the truth out on the table, then it’s probably time to confront.


Unpleasant Reality: They may never admit it!


There are three different ways a spouse may react when confronted. These reactions have less to do with the way they are confronted and more to do with what is going on inside them.


Some will tell the truth when asked directly. Some questions you could ask are:

Are you having an affair?
Do you have strong feelings for someone else? 
Are you keeping secrets from me, about a relationship with someone else? 
Is there someone else who is often occupying your thoughts?

If they tell you the truth, you are blessed. That’s a great thing that they’ve been able to own their behavior and now you can begin to move forward as a couple.


Some will tell the truth only when confronted with evidence. Be prepared for “trickle truth.” Most unfaithful spouses are way too scared to come clean the first time around. You’re best off to encourage more truth by thanking them for being honest (about the parts they are being honest about), instead of harping about what they aren’t saying yet. Just begin the healing work. If you can get them to agree to come to one of our healing intensive weekends for couples, we will help to create a safe dynamic for you both as well as a clear understanding of how important telling the whole truth is, so your spouse can understand there is a reward in being truthful, although the healing journey certainly is difficult. The reward of living life on a much higher level on the other side is so worth it.


Some will not tell the truth ever (even if you show a film of them having sex with the other person – they’ll try to convince you you’re losing your mind, and the movie is fixed or of someone else!) The lies the unfaithful who are not ready to confess can conjure up are often hilarious. What’s not remotely hilarious is being on the receiving end of these lies. We so want to believe our spouse is telling the truth, that there is in fact nothing going on, that we find ourselves feeling like we are losing our minds.

It is not your fault if your spouse doesn’t tell the truth. The motto of those having affairs is often “deny, deny, deny.” They tell such elaborate lies, that sometimes they even convince themselves. Those who may not have crossed physical boundaries yet, become “intoxicated” with the affair high. They start to lose their rational reasoning capabilities. Trying to have a reasonable conversation with them is often like trying to have a logical conversation with a drunk. You can’t.


What are you going to do?


It so important to be clear on what you have control over and what you don’t. Nothing you can do or say can make your spouse do anything. You cannot make your spouse confess if they are not ready to come clean. The only thing you have control over is yourself. What is and isn’t okay with you? What are you going to do?

Most importantly – Do not lose your dignity. Don’t engage the craziness. Don’t get sucked into the lies.You are not losing your mind.

It’s important to decide what you will do if your spouse chooses never to admit to their affair. There are no right or wrong choices, and no one can decide for you.

You may choose to stay in your marriage with an unconfessed affair, and accept the fact that your spouse won’t admit to it. If that’s your choice, realize that when you confront the affair, you have no leverage. In other words there is no negative consequence to your spouse for not being truthful.

If it’s your choice not to stay with your spouse if they aren’t truthful, be very clear on what you will do if they are not willing to admit to the affair before you confront them. You may even want to seek some legal counsel beforehand so you are clear on where you stand, in what can and cannot do.


If you choose to confront the affair, be clear on three things first:

1. What you will do (or won’t do) if they don’t admit to the affair 
2. Keep your dignity 
3. Do not engage the craziness


For example you may simply say (totally calm): “I know you’ve had an affair, and I respect the fact that you are not comfortable being honest about it. That said, I’m not comfortable being married to someone who will not be honest about an affair. Since you are denying your actions, I cannot continue to live with you. Please move out by the end of the month. You may sleep on the sofa until you find a place.”

Be sure you’re ready to carry through with whatever you’ve decided. If you are not ready to do what you say you’re going to do, you’re not ready to confront the affair. If you say they have to move out and they don’t change, and you let them stay anyway, then your words were a threat and you have weakened your relationship and your position.


Again, do not engage the conversation. Do not defend yourself. Do not get loud, or try to prove things. Just say, the same words over and over. “I know you’ve been unfaithful. I respect the fact that you don’t want to admit it. I’m simply not willing to stay in our relationship, that being the case. That’s my choice. Thank you for respecting it.”


Make it clear; “If you can be truthful about your relationship with ______, I can not only forgive you, but I’m willing to own my parts in how I may have failed you in our marriage, and I’ll change and learn how to be the kind of wife/husband you need.”


“Let me be clear, I love you, and I want to heal our marriage. If we get a divorce, I’ll be sad to be sure, but somehow I’ll manage. I cannot be in a relationship where I don’t have the truth.”


The above is not meant to be a script. You must do what’s right for you. You must choose your own words. The words above are merely an example of what you might say, without engaging craziness or losing your dignity, and while creating the safest possible environment for their truthfulness.


Dedicated to your healing,


article by Anne Bercht


Current Mood: jaded

8th October 2009

9:05am: oh dear lj....we go way back, I still love u, just distracted by other things......



4th February 2009

2:29pm: all i know is tough love and hard work so thats what i'm all about.

12th March 2008


 Happy Birthday to my homie GYA - theme party :

Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves!!!


Hosted By: Gya
When: Saturday March 08, 2008
8:00-ISH PM
Where: Sushi @
1705 E. Broadway Road Tempe, AZ 85282 (sw corner of Broadway & McClintock)
then Solstice!
Click Here To View Event

This week

Kill Bill Theme
Come dressed like a member of the Crazy 88
and get in for a reduced cover!
Gya’s & Cynthia’s bday celebration

upstairs:dj santos  
downstairs:  dj element






the scene at SakeBombers:
the scene at Solstice:
check my myspace view om pics for moar and moar and moar!
• Saucy was supposed to be O-Ren Ishii - but she got cake! and we love her always!
happy birthday to all my pieces lovers!


14th February 2008

lubz valentines!

for moms!

ugh! its so pretty!!!!

for me! from my hubba! luv u!

love orchids!

for my co-workers ;)


11th February 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration @ the Chinese Cultural Center PHX, AZ

People born in the Year of the Rat (1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)
noted for their charm and attraction for the opposite sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists. They are basically thrifty with money. Rat people are easily angered and love to gossip. Their ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful. They are most compatible with people born in the years of the Dragon, Monkey, and Ox.

we had funs, ate foods, looked at kois, tried to get alisha a date....good times.

this guy was holding up his turtle so it could see the dragon dance

chicken vegetable sticky buns!

ooooh dats HOT!

chinese pancakes! (the line was TOO long so i didnt get any ;(

the koi show

hello beautiful!

me & alisha enjoying the koi show

pony rides!


the booths

we got 3 kinds of brown rice green tea and had a tea party!


artistic results of the tea party (guess which one i did heh.)

so we were all hyphy off the green tea so we hit up solstice, downtown phx

SOLSTICE Downtown Phoenix

dancin' machines!

10th February 2008


hi. i love kid sister. here's the show!

[from Kid Sister's blog]
Friday, January 18, 2008

[Subject] Everything you wanted to know...
But were afraid to ask ya girl?! Bring it ON!

So apparrrrrently I'm going to be on some show on MTV called "Backstage Pass"!? WOOOOO!? Yall know I just got cable so I don't know what the heck that IS. haha
I'm not telling ya'll on account of braggin rights, cos you know I ain't even witthat crapolaaaa. The reason is MTV needs YOU ALL to submit questions to ask me during the show...
Hope ya got some GOODIES, I know you do!!! :)

Here is the link: http://www.mtvu.com/music/backstage_pass/questions.jhtml

can't wait to read em!

2:10 PM - 15 Comments - 11 Kudos - Add Comment


[Reply Comment] posted by: tina

yay, i sent 2 questions.
i dont watch mtv.
so youtube it. kthxbai.
lubz u.

Posted by tina on Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 4:16 PM posted by: tina


yesterday i got this email.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YESSSSSSSSSS they picked my question!

Subject: RE: Questions for Kid Sister
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 17:56:41 -0500
From: Cheriyan.John@mtvnmix.com
To: tinag1116@hotmail.com


First of all, thank you for taking the time to submit questions to mtvU.

We have chosen one of your questions to use for mtvU's Backstage Pass with Kid Sister. Please answer the following questions and send an e-mail back to me as soon as possible! My e-mail address is Cheriyan@mtvnmix.com

What is your FIRST name?
What is your LAST name?
If you are currently in school, what is the name of the school you attend?
What grade are you in?
What city and state do you live in?

Thank you!

From: tina [mailto:tinag1116@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 3:24 PM
To: mtvU Backstage Pass
Subject: Questions for Kid Sister

Please ask her to explain "juke" and "juking"
and album release date.....kthxbai. -tina scottsdale, az


okay so i'm a nerd, yeah yeah yeah
but i'm still super excited they're asking her MY question.
shake n' pop, shake n' pop, shake shake n' pop, shake n' pop.

4th February 2008

we lubz sushis & korean foodz!

if you live in AZ or visit AZ hit 'em up.


tempura ice cream.....sooooooo good

24th January 2008

6:14pm: funny of the day
Lookin Ass Nigga (Hotstylz)
Add to My Profile | More Videos
Masta Ace don't play when it comes to the bass.......

Masta Ace (born Duval Clear on December 4, 1966) Is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Appearing on classic 1988 posse cut, "The Symphony", he garnered notoriety as an unsung asset to the Juice Crew posse, where he released a number of well-respected albums that were nonetheless little-heard outside purist circles. The single that has earned him the most attention has been "Born to Roll" (a remix to the track "Jeep Ass Niguh", which uses a tweaked Moog synthesizer bassline sampled from Kraftwerk.) His most recent album, A Long Hot Summer, gained considerable acclaim in 2004.
In the early stages of his career, Masta Ace was very energetic (cf. "Jeep Ass Niguh", where, tongue-in-cheek, he taunts police officers for their knee-jerk predisposition to harass black youth on city streets.) He also recorded material with a six-member supporting entourage, Masta Ace Incorporated. In light of his newly claimed status as a veteran, he has gravitated toward an earnest, matter-of-fact plainspokenness in the new millennium. Many of the songs that have lent newfound heft to his reputation are simple, no-nonsense rumination on feelings and facts of urban American life, including "Soda and Soap" and "Beautiful".


Born To Roll...

Sittin On Crome...

Crooklyn Dodgers....

INC Ride...

masta ace is so fly. i just starred at him all night.

if this tour comes to you town, you should go. these guys put on a great show. very entertaining. masta ace did all his classic stuff mixed in with the new EMC stuff, i'm actually going to buy the EMC album when it drops in March.

so what does EMC stand for??

strictly the hardcore dirty street level hits

masta ace and me!



much love!

22nd January 2008

5:14pm: who's got netflix?

msg me your email address movie buddies.
my email:


(netflix id: bql 1389228)


4th January 2008


[*Ripped from the homie Gya's blog]

What goes on at teh BOOM BOOM ROOM?.........a whole lotta fun.

...they had House Party projected up on the wall...


Salt River Represent. check the table.....mmmmmmmmmmmbeer

Wild Life Refuge...

The Salt River Homie Secret Santa gift exchange goes down in the Boom Boom Room!

Tajsha drew Element & made him open up her present & look at everything from his random ass list, the cats lubz the toys tho!

Ev drew Tajsh & gave her a lil VW bus (so ev) & a harkins giftcard....

Odin drew Gya she got a Bling G

----Element drew Odin & gave Mini DV him tapes..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = V />

gya got thosh...he's loving his gift....Thosh drew House...

Rich drew LT...he gotta McFarlane's gift card...

House drew Tina, but he was stranded somewhere...so tina watched everyone else open presents...lol. Tina drew File & got him a superdope Freight graf book

LT drew Kasey got him some dope t-shirts....

Kasey drew Ev and got him a bunch of alcohol

LT & Kasey gettin' dooooooooown

We do fun in the boom boom room.



The next day, Odin & Stephanie hosted a white elephant party...it was furiously fun. and FSC...ya, this crew parties like its 1999.

i didn't get my secret santa gift (from the salt river homies gift exchange) the night before cuz house got me was stranded somewhere(surrounded by women, i'm sure). lolz

got an itunes gift card and a SHIT load of FSClothing...hellz yeah fo0s!

[score! lubz secret santas!]

what's everyone laughin & lookin at??</o:p>

OKAY…so before the party got started….the party GOT STARTED…

.. src="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c364/geezfriends/Holidays07245.jpg">

First off….everyone draws a Number. I drew 6….1 short of a perfect 7.

THE GIFTING BEGINS! …..the dog's not a gift to give…that's the resident pooch all up in the center of thangs.


and his hat gets quickly stolen…so he gets to open another…

Gya got the CLAPPER PLUS…the plus is the remote control

Johnny's sushi kit was snatched by chino…he opened another 1 & got it all over, Hah HAH!

Odin's turn & he's eyeballin that Clapper Plus…

He opted to open…and picked up a BIG ASS REMOTE…

the rubiks cube was stolen!

the hello kitty boom box was a hot potato…it was stolen the full 3 rounds.

Gya's gift gets picked! (it was a good one!)

Candy Candle is up to pick…she steals the hello kitty box!

then the paints get stolen!


Candy's gets stolen… so Candy steals from Tina…

Tina steals the paint set! [w00t!]

now Odin's up again….and he steals the paints. 3 times…its dead. [boo!]

Odin ends up with the gallery canvas & paints which is cool cause odin is awesome

Tina gets another stab at a gift….

got a Graff Sticker Book

the Onlookers...

my STARBUCKS gift gets picked…

("ITS 50 DOLLARS!" lol, it was only $5)


Miracles gets his gift stolen…the Falling Down DVD…(wtf)

he picks the last gift…a membership to FSC. LoLz.

After gifts everyone gets geeked on the Scene It Xbox Game…

i wont lie...including i.

Others were entertained compliments YOUTUBE.com....

We were watching fighting videos on Youtube...it inspired Tina to kick ass…well here Chinos hand cuz he couldn't believe she could kick that

she made it a point to tell him, "why would i kick over your head when i could just kick you in the FACE" ....good point skillzZz, good point

all in all...it was a great night...ask Miracles...

Later Later...we met up with eL. He was Djaying a private party way the hell in BFE…after we pick him up then eat Denny's…

while we're there Santos</st1:place></st1:city>, Breeze & Baron walk in!

FUN FUN fun fun…always.

thanks to odin for the invite, getting more presents is furiously fun

3rd December 2007

yay christmas decorations makes me happy!

i made 3 of these 9 ft. garland's for our cubicles.
and i cut out most all those snowflakes. it was fun.

outside my housee

mee teevee

mee tree

i like to paint these lil' guys.


14th November 2007


my KICKASS birthday party!

FRIDAY November 16 fo0s~!

at the new Tempe Marketplace from 8:00pm to whenevz!

i mean look at how exciting it is!!! for realz.

here we are reenacting the exciting action

boo i forgot my camera. i should have taken more photos.


31st October 2007

Happy Halloween! i'm an office ninja!

die computer!!!

15th October 2007

doing it up at the state fair. opening day. got in for $1. rock on.

some dumb lady in line in front of me was like "doesnt the $1 admission end 7?!?"
me and the whole rest of the line sssssssssssssssssssusshed her ass real quick. dumbass.
G gets all up in her face like "why you trying to ruin it for EVERYONE" hahahahaha.

Me, G and El DRANK beer, and ATE! fries, corn on the cob, onion rings, coconana, egg roll on a stick, nachos and a big ass turkey leg. sharing is caring! and we all bought bob marley t-shirts. yeah mon.

Tina goes to the state fair

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elePHUN p2

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elePHUN p3

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elePHUN p4

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24th September 2007

Sept 22 - Smoker Fight Night @ Master Toddy's
i'm in all black, blue headgear, red gloves - holla at ya gurl!

round 2

round 3

yesssssssssssssssssssss. i won.
for all your continued love and support

31st July 2007

12:21am: ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Film

ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Film
"ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Film" on Google Video
ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Production (including the 'Overture')

What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve have in common?

Please visit www.zeitgeistmovie.com for information and the full source list for this work.

5th June 2007

so i'm clickin' around the internetz and find pics+video of me doing what?
...........hahah eating of course!

check out the videos for the new season of "Fight Girls"


(they used footage from last year, so i'm in some of 'em)

memorial day weekend
my lovely sister came down from flagstaff and we drove out to l.a. together.
we met our older brother, and then our youngest brother flew in saturday.
yay! family reunion!

eating korean foodz

chillin' @ burbank airport with this guy

after the flight being delayed for an hour.....

me and my bro

cookin' it UP

even our butts look alike.

uh oh uh oh, NintendoDS/Quick Spot game......omgz i luvz it

fried zuchinni for breakfast?!? oh yeah!

we right dere neer dee beach bwoyeeee!

i had to bust out the kite first.

my kite had a sweet tiger on it.
it attracted some dogs that were not allowed on the beach
the dogs owners came-a-runnin'.....hhahahahah whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!

order your frenchfries "animal style" @ in&out

mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm!

one last pic before we go....

hit up hollywood on the way out...

bye bye. great weekend. tunz of fun and luvz
M.Toddy's Smoker - May 19

Round 1 of my fight.

the 5 of us from Roufus Kickboxing Center went to Vegas to fight w/ one of our trainers Kevin

L to R: Jon, Billy, Duane, me, Rob(behind me) and Kevin. Everyone fought really well.
I didn't win my fight, but i fought alot better than I did last time. i feel good about that.
these smokers are all about testing yourself, gaining expierence, getting to know oneself in the ring.
sometimes i don't react the way i want to, so i've got to work on that.
i've still got a long way to go, but i feel like i'm getting closer.

party time yeeeeeeeaeaaaaaaah!


frenchy taught me this....

me and kristina

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